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Rubber Gaskets

Localisation Support Fund

The LSF prioritises the local production of goods by catalysing strategic localisation initiatives through industry research and the deployment of specialist expertise and technical resources.
About LSF
Established as a non-profit company in 2021, funded by private sector contributors committed to localising manufacturing in South Africa. The LSF is a network orchestrator within the localisation ecosystem facilitating the connection between Supply and Demand participants, enhancing the value of the interactions by funding industry research and the deployment of technical expert resources to accelerate or unblock opportunities for growth in the manufacturing sector.

Electric Grinder
The fund has been created to unlock and unblock localisation in the manufacturing sector in South Africa by funding industry research and deploying technical resources and expertise.

Focus & Priority

We enable Industrial Development with a focus on competitiveness.
Industrial Parts


Your application will be considered if you qualify in any of the following criteria:


Are South African based

✔ You need industrial research

Are able to demonstrate demand in the product category for localisation


✔ Provide evidence of your local manufacturing capability and capacity to deliver as well as any constraints

 ✔ Articulate the support required from the LSF and the potential impact.

 ✔ A walk to delivering a competitive locally produced product.

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