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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Localisation Support Fund?

What we do:


✔ A South African Manufacturing Localisation Catalyst

✔ Funding Expertise and Resources to unlock localisation opportunities

  • Accelerate implementation and delivery

  • Close Organisational Gaps with roadmap to Knowledge and

  • Technology transfer

  • Strengthen teams through the initial funding of specialist roles

  • Aid in delivering investment ready businesses

  • Activation of larger quantum's of capital

✔ Orchestrate connections between stakeholders and resources

✔ Augment existing localisation projects and programs

✔ Partner with complementary institutions

✔ Project Manage our scope to ensure delivery, mitigate risk and measure impact

What we don't do:

  • An Investor or Fund Manager

  • The primary or sole funder of a localisation project unless the only requirement relates to the LSF scope

  • A Working Capital or Debt Provider

  • A supply chain database or RFQ platform

  • A grant facility without active oversight and participation

Glass Ceiling

We are not a financial provider.

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