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Rubber Processing

Applying to LSF


The fund has been created to unlock and unblock localisation in the manufacturing sector in South Africa by funding industry research and deploying technical resources and expertise.

Should your entity require assistance per the LSF mandate, please fill in the Request for Assistance (RFA) application form on this page.

Incomplete applications will be disqualified. Please read the Application Requirements to understand what LSF supports and what it does not.

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Industrial Parts

Application Requirements

Your application will be considered if you qualify in any of the following criteria:


Are South African based

✔ You need industrial research

Are able to demonstrate demand in the product category for localisation


✔ Provide evidence of your local manufacturing capability and capacity to deliver as well as any constraints

 ✔ Articulate the support required from the LSF and the potential impact.

 ✔ A walk to delivering a competitive locally produced product.

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